Adult Acting (AA)

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For those of you who are interested, we provide free acting workshops for adults—college-age and up.  Offered at no cost, but if you have time to put up posters, count fliers, organize costumes for us, etc—just do those things as you can — We'll send out emails announcing our need, and if you can help, please do.

It's a chance for beginners to seasoned actors to get together to learn more about acting, auditioning, the rehearsal process, monologue preparation and whatever the student has questions about.  Betsy Bisson is the Artistic/Education Director here and has 20 + years experience teaching acting.

You’re welcome to join the class mid-semester, but you will very likely only be able to observe and critique as scenes & monologues will have already been assigned —the bulk of the formal teaching occurs in the beginning of the semester, later classes mainly consist of rehearsing material and performing for class for critique. We DO have an informal performance at the end of the semester (voluntary participation—you can elect not to perform), and friends and family are welcome to attend.  You are also welcome to just come and listen to lecture or participate in game/exercises and not perform, but the only way to learn to act is to actually go through the process (selecting material, doing the background character work, experimenting with physical and vocal characteristics, memorizing, developing intentions/obstacles, refining performance technique, receiving critiques, etc.)

We call it AA (cause no one can give you grief for going to an AA meeting) and it meets on Sunday evenings from 5:00-6:15ish pm.  The scheduling is dependent on building availability and the teacher's schedule.   
Class are held at SCCT Headquarters -153 Augusta Street, Greenville, SC 29601

Fall 2015 schedule -- class typically meets on Sundays, from 5-6:15pm

(Once you have attended a class, you’re email will be added to the instructor’s email list so that she can send you info about auditions and volunteer opportunities.)


NEW STUDENTS (and returnees are welcome as mentors, but not required)

In order to be assigned a monologue, you need to attend all of these 4 classes or secure a note-taker for any absences and get the info from them before the next class

Aug 23 – CROW

Aug 30 –  Lessac/Animal Characteristics

Sept 13 –  SUBSTITUTE TEACHER   Intention/Obstacle/Tactics

Sept 20 –  SUBSTITUTE TEACHER   Moment Before/Reactions



Oct 4 – Group activities

Oct 11 – Material assignment & basic presentation technique

Oct 18 – Possible Time Shift for 2nd Stage Show Material assignment



Oct 25 – Possible Time Shift for 2nd Stage Show

Nov 1

Nov 8

Nov 15

Nov 22


Dec 6

Dec 13 – SHARING